Great experience, friendly, and professional

I had not been to a dentist in over 10 years and was very worried about this. However, this was a great choice as the entire staff I met were very kind and helpful and Dr. Wong was superb. Explaining everything calmly and adequately for me.

-By Ryan O. June 6, 2016

Great Experience!

Dr. Wong was very knowledgeable and offered insightful information that was never brought up to me by any of my other dentists. After a thorough exam he took the time to explain my options. I never felt as though he was trying to rush through the exam or that he was trying to sell me unnecessary treatments. I found the whole experience to be enjoyable. His staff is very friendly.

-By Vivian T. May 6, 2016

Best Dental Experience EVER!!!!

From the moment I walked in the staff was welcoming, friendly, professional and well organized.   I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the office, it was clean, nicely decorated and did not have the sterile dental office feel or smell.  Due to Dr. Wong’s skills and gentle touch I was able to get through having all four cavities filled at once with no issues. I was able to eat later that evening and had no pain or issues. Dr. Wong even called me personally around 7pm to see how I was feeling and to assure me if anything was wrong I just need to call his office and would be seen ASAP.  One of the best things about Dr. Wong was his philosophy regarding my treatment plan. He said he wanted to take the most conservative approach as opposed to being totally aggressive so that I may keep all my natural teeth in place and healthy. I’ve had past dentist who did such a horrible job I couldn’t eat on one side of my mouth for 2 months and had to have another dentist repair the work. From my experiences thus far Dr. Wong and his staff are the best I have ever encountered in the field of dentistry. This is going to make it much easier for me to stick to a regular routine of exams and cleanings.

-By Nicole S. February 22, 2016

A Truly Special Dentist.

When Dr Wong took over for my childhood dentist a dew years ago, I was a bit resistant and hesitant to use him at first. I had been going to Dr Pyle for about 20 years and thought he was a great dentist, and would be hard to replace. However, my experience with Dr Wong has been exceptional. Better than I expected. And dare I say better than Dr Pyle??? Yes. Dr Wong is incredibly bright, articulate and has a great sense of humor as well as a very calm demeanor. He also gets along great with my son, who has now gone in for two procedures. I give him my highest recommendation possible without hesitation. The support staff and other members of the dental team are also fantastic. Overall this is a top notch practice, that Dr Wong has improved upon and taken into the 21st century.

-By Fernando M. February 17, 2016

My Fear Totally Dissipated!.

Dr. Wong made me relaxed from the very 1st visit- so much that my fear totally dissipated. He was very informative and understood my fear of dentists. He and all of his team are very friendly and I now do not have any fear at all. I feel like the atmosphere is family friendly. Dr. Wong and his staff have been a very wonderful experience. I can’t thank them enough.

-By Barbara P. April 14, 2015

I love this office!

The staff is wonderful and attentive. Dr. Wong listens to my concerns and is caring and gentle. My fear of going to the dentist has improved since seeing Dr. Wong!

-Brook R. April 14, 2015

Very Welcoming!

I’ve had a really great experience with Dr. Wong and his team. I didn’t see a dentist for years due to a lack of dental/health insurance. I recently got insurance and decided to take care of my teeth. Dr. Wong was very welcoming and clear in regards to the state of my teeth and what needed to be done such as fillings, cleanings, and wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Wong and Nury, his dental assistant, make you feel very comfortable in what can be an intimidating environment for most. My dental hygienist, Lara, is also excellent as she keeps me laughing and relaxed during teeth cleanings. I know it can be hard to pick a dentist, especially if you’re obsessed with online reviews the way that I am, but rest assured that Dr. Wong has a terrific practice and you will have a great experience here.

-By Patrick N. April 24, 2014

Always a pleasant experience!

“No one really looks forward to going to the dentist, especially someone like myself in need of dental attention… Dr. Pyle was a great dentist and he did a great job to find someone just as great to take over the practice upon his retirement, Dr. Wong is wonderful! Very thorough and friendly. Margaret has been most helpful in finding a financial plan that suits my bank account. Christine has always given me great teeth cleanings and tips on how I should take care of my teeth. Thank you for being a great office and looking forward to having healthy teeth again.”

-By Alexis O., Jun 22, 2013

Excellent, fast, and efficient dentist!.

Very friendly, efficient and attentive staff. Procedure started on time. Dr. Mark is excellent and had the latest equipment which was very easy on my teeth.

-By Bobby N., May 24, 2013

Great Cleaning!

“Christine is a fabulous hygienist. She’s efficient and charming and does a fantastic job cleaning my teeth, letting me know the condition of my gums and makes keeps track of issues to discuss with the dentist. Dr. Wong is new to the practice and based on my brief introduction to him at my cleaning I think he is going to be a good fit for me. I am having a couple of fillings done shortly and will report on that appointment if given the chance.”

-By Beth, Apr 19, 2013

Unexpected Excellent Dentist!

Dr. Wong treated me for a bad toothache on an emergency basis late on a Sunday night after other dentists turned me down. He extracted the tooth and the pain ceased. He was so good that I immediately became his patient for all my dental work and would like to recommend him for other people too.

By Jimmy S., Apr 3, 2013