Options for Patients with Dental Anxiety

We understand that many people have fear or anxiety when coming to the dentist, so we have designed our office with a relaxing atmosphere. Our primary goal is provide a safe, comfortable and pain free experience throughout your entire visit. Depending on your anxiety level we have different methods of sedation to help you get the dentistry that you both need and deserve.

Mild Sedation – Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous Oxide is helpful for patients who are anxious about their dental visit and need just a mild form of relaxation. You will still be conscious during the appointment, and the effects of the laughing gas will leave your system prior to you leaving our office, as the effects wear off quickly.

Moderate Sedation- Oral Sedation

Oral Conscious sedation is a great choice for people who have mild to moderate anxiety when coming to the dentist, and especially for those who are afraid of needles. By taking a small pill an hour before your appointment, your anxiety will be significantly reduced before, during and after your appointment. Oral sedatives do not cause sleep, but will help by dulling ones senses and giving them a deep sense of relaxation.

We will not begin until you are completely relaxed and give us permission to get started. Often times we can get a lot of dentistry done in a short amount of time. When the appointment is over, someone will drive you home and the rest of the day you should just take it easy. Most patients have no recollection or memory of the appointment.